BCIC Ignite: Previous Winners

BCIC Ignite Round 3 Winners

The BCIC Ignite Awards on October 10, 2017 awarded a total of $735,000 to the top four BC research projects in natural resources and applied sciences.

Who: Dr. Victor Lo, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at UBC, working with OPUS International, JAMES Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Boost Environmental Systems
Awarded: $300,000
Summary: This project aims to change the way waste organic slurries are treated and handled with a breakthrough process that has a shorter reaction time and higher throughput than existing technology.

Who: Dr. Caren Helbing, Professor of Biochemistry and Microbiology at UVIC, working with Maxxam Analytics and Hemmera Envirochem
Awarded: $185,000
Summary: This project aims to enable more informed decision-making about the ecological health and diversity of our environment.

Who: Dr. Stephanie Willerth, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UVIC, working with Aspect Biosystems
Awarded: $139,700
Summary: This project aims to develop functional, 3D bio printed human nerve tissues, that can recreate the pathology of neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injury.

Who: Dr. Thomas Tannert, the BC Leadership Research Chair in Tall Woods Construction at UNBC, working with BC Passive House and Equilibrium Consulting
Awarded: $110,000
Summary: This project aims to change how commercial wooden buildings are built with wood-based prefabricated timber panels.

BCIC Ignite Round 2

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The BCIC Ignite Awards on February 7, 2017 awarded a total of $873,475 to the top three BC research projects in natural resources and applied sciences:

Who: UBC’s Dr. Steven Rogak, working with Hydra Energy
Awarded: $300,000
Summary: This project aims to develop innovations in Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (HICE) technology.

Who: UVIC’s Dr. Frank Van Veggel, working with Axine Water Technologies
Awarded: $300,000
Summary: This project aims to develop novel electro-catalyst materials that will enhance ammonia removal.

Who: UBC’s Dr. Jonathan Holzman, working with ExcelSense Technology
Awarded: $273,475
Summary: This team is working to create self-cleaning camera technology for forestry and mining applications.

BCIC Ignite Round 1

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The first BCIC Ignite Awards on October 25, 2016 awarded a total of $838,000 to the top four BC research projects in natural resources and applied sciences:

Who: UBC’s Dr. Pieter Cullis working with Integrated Nanotherapeutics
Awarded: $300,000
Summary: This project aims to increase X-ray effectiveness in cancer treatment.

Who: UBC’s Dr. Edouard Asselin, working with Jetti Resources
Awarded: $300,000
Summary: This team is working to revolutionize copper production.

Who: UBC’s Dr. David Wilkinson, working with Noram Engineering
Awarded: $150,000
Summary: This project aims to develop an adaptable and cost-effective electrochemical cell platform.

Who: UNBC’s Dr. Thomas Tannert, working with FP Innovations
Awarded: $88,000
Summary: This project aims to develop the next generation of anchors for tall wood building construction.

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