BC InnovEX

BC InnovEX is an advisory service that helps companies and organizations across all sectors and throughout the province identify their innovation needs and speed up their growth.  Delivered by a team of technology experts and innovation advisors, BC InnovEX helps identify and analyze management or growth problems and connect you to innovative solutions. Whether you’re a mining company looking to adopt clean technologies or a government branch looking to build efficiencies, the BC Innovation Council’s BC InnovEX team can bring you the insights you need to help you succeed.

BC InnovEX is uniquely positioned to quickly foster economic impact in BC by addressing the opportunities and challenges of various industry sectors simultaneously from both the supply side and demand side.

Our Mandate is to Move Innovation into Your Industry

Our goal is to bring innovation into your organization and work as advisors on challenges you’re having with growth, efficiency, accessing new markets or other business improvements that hold you back. Building successful companies in BC is our passion. We can help facilitate technology or business practice innovation that helps you move the needle, fast.

Who We Help
Established companies serious about growth or technology use but need help identifying what’s needed, available or realistic. We have a unique vantage point into the tech world that we can bring to your company.

What We Do
Our experienced, vetted innovation advisors quickly dig into your situation to examine and define problems, opportunities and market realities. We collaborate to find and develop solid scenarios, and help you find innovative solutions.

Why Innovate?
There’s huge pressure on all sizes of BC companies today: demographic shifts, compressed budgets, keeping up with technology, global market shifts – just to keep up with current customers, let alone grow, you have to improve, be more efficient with resources, and magically keep innovating and reaching global markets. The status quo isn’t an option anymore. Enter innovation.

Our Value Proposition

  • Objective business assessment with a strategic deliverable: results
  • Core team of experienced, carefully-chosen specialists accessing trusted subject matter experts with relevant skills across industry sectors
  • Able to take on difficult tasks and de-risk projects
  • Exceptional value to both senior and middle management
  • Unique model for delivering the highest value: innovation exchange
  • Future-proofing and forward planning: Technology is everywhere, the future is now

Let’s Connect

Our Innovation Advisors are approachable, motivated and keen to dig in. Bring us your challenges, your questions and your “what if?” ideas. We’re here for you! Contact us by email at bcinnovex@bcic.ca or by phone at (604) 602-5259.

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