Past Challenges

Past Challenges

Please see below for a list of past BCIC challenges.

Agritech Innovation Challenge

The global food economy continues to challenge the world’s best thinkers and achievers in meeting the growing demand for safe and readily accessible nutrition. The combination of leading agricultural practices and advanced technology is enabling B.C. to take advantage of a domestic and international opportunity. B.C.’s agrifood and seafood sector is one of the most diverse in North America, and our innovative technology sector is developing new methods to increase diversity, sustainability, productivity and market growth.

Agritech Innovation Challenge launched the “Growing our Future Together – B.C. Agrifood and Seafood Conference” on November 14, 2o16. The Challenge brought together leading innovators, investors, venture capitalists, tech experts and marketing experts to support the next generation of technology development in order to enhance the competitiveness and resiliency of B.C.’s agrifood sector.

At the event, participants received information packages that outlined in detail the agrifood sector challenges that were presented. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to discuss ideas and innovations with technology, entrepreneurship and agriculture sector experts.

Learn more about the Agritech Innovation Challenge.


Data Visualization Challenge

In 2017, BC Innovation Council and BC Stats partnered up to host the Data Visualization Challenge. BC companies were encouraged to create a tool that could visualize BC Stats housing data in a more meaningful and impactful way.

The challenge aimed to provide BC Stats with an innovative tool for better use of their data. At the same time, it offered interested BC residents, government agencies and non-profits the opportunity to interact with, understand and make informed decisions based on community growth and housing data.

The challenge was presented at a Discovery Day on December 21, 2016, with Letters of Interest due by January 10, 2017. The applicants listed below were selected as finalists and received funds and mentorship to develop their prototypes:

  • Foundry Spatial
  • Ho Seok Oh
  • Plot+Scatter
  • Plotly Technologies
  • Ruby Industries

Each finalist presented their innovation prototype in March 2017 at #BCTECH Summit, where a panel of judges chose Kelowna-based Ruby Industries as the winner.

Ruby Industries was awarded $25,000 for product development and is now working with the BC Government to develop a solution that will help community and infrastructure planners have a better understanding of BC’s complex housing market.

For more information:


IoT Challenge
  • IoT Challenge Winners - January 2018

    In 2017, BCIC and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure teamed up to create an Internet of Things Challenge. 40 local tech companies submitted proposals with solutions to improve BC's transportation network, and a total of $50,000 was awarded to five finalists to fund the development of their Proof of Concept.

    Internet of Things - Analytics Challenge

    Vancouver-based company Eight Solutions will use its analytics platform to trial a central user-friendly dashboard, helping the Ministry respond faster to current and developing issues on the road.

    UrbanLogiq, also a Vancouver company, will use its platform to leverage data and provide new analytic insights. These insights include identifying how road conditions impact traffic and how traffic impacts the structural health of bridges.

    Internet of Things - Highway Cameras Challenge

    Vancouver company VectorBlox Computing specializes in technology that can process video feeds in real time. This can be used to identify objects in a video, such as obstructions on the road, and alert the public through an automated notification system.

    Viion Systems, based out of Victoria, produces a 3D traffic cam that can identify objects in a video in real-time and also act as a collection point for data from nearby sensors. By combining these two functions, the camera can send actionable information to the Ministry that can be used for better road maintenance and allow for quicker response times.

    Internet of Things - Smart Gateway Challenge

    Burnaby's Cypress Solutions produces gateway technology that can collect sensor readings from multiple collection points, process the data and send it to the Ministry through one feed. This process will provide more through and reliable data about roads in remote areas of the province, leading to better maintenance response times.

    Learn more by heading to our blog.

  • IoT Discovery Day - March 2017

    discovery logo 3
    BC tech firms were invited to come to a Discovery Day, hosted by the BC Innovation Council (BCIC) and the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), to learn about the Internet of Things related business and technology challenges in BC transportation and infrastructure.

    At the Discovery Day, attendees learned about and discussed a series of IoT technical innovation challenges. The challenge opportunities being proposed were intended to enable the ministry to learn about the potential for an interoperable, multi-party, IoT system that leverages open standards to as a way to enhance transportation services to British Columbians, through collaborative opportunities for BC tech firms to showcase the areas of IoT where they excel.

    For more information:
    Read the IoT backgrounder on the initiative and the strategic direction.
    Learn more about the Discovery Day.

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