#BCTECH Success Stories: Programming and a permanent residence

At Wavefront, standards are high. They regularly hire co-op students, but chose only elite candidates. “We run a tight filter here,” said VP of technology and operations Alan Swain. “We are looking for staff with the very best technical and interpersonal skills, so they can handle the technical work and manage our client relationships directly.”

Former co-op student Shruti Menon is a perfect fit. “She represents everything we look for,” says Swain, who is also thankful for the help he received from the BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative program, which provides grants to companies helping students build professional skills. “We first hired Shruti as a co-op student, starting her down the path to a full-time position at Wavefront.  We couldn’t be happier with the program and the outcome.”

Working at Wavefront…

Wavefront is Canada’s centre of excellence for wireless innovation and commercialization.

Its professional services group leverages specialized knowledge and automated platforms to test and optimize new web and wireless applications for clients throughout North America.  This can include analyzing the application, evaluating its user interface, and by writing scripts that drive test platforms.

“App design and quality matters,” says Menon, an engineer and automation trainer at Wavefront. “If an app contains even just one bug, the customer usually deletes it right away, and the company rarely gets a second chance”.  She has worked on projects for top-tier clients who wanted to assure they delivered a premier user experience to their customers, including Bell TV and T-Mobile.

… and achieving permanent residence

Menon was born in India and attended an International School in Thailand. From there, she studied electrical engineering at UBC (co-op program) and then completed a Masters of Engineering at SFU.

“I never felt like I was ‘just a student’ at Wavefront. In my second month on the job, I was already working on projects with big clients, just as I am now.” Menon’s work steered her to another co-op work term, which enabled her to obtain permanent residence status.  This led to a full-time position with Wavefront – and a new home in Canada.

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