Snap Up Real Estate and social responsibility

Photo courtesy of Dave Zirnhelt

Our innovation

Buying a home can be an overwhelming if not terrifying prospect. Snap Up Real Estate wants to make the whole process easier.

“Our goal is to become the new standard source of information for real estate in Canada,” says Snap Up Real Estate founder and CEO Dave Zirnhelt.

Snap Up collects the information people need for buying a new home into a single simple system. They’re not looking to disrupt realtors, but to incorporate real estate agents, private sellers and property developers.

“All of the listings that a person could want to compare” as they’re shopping for their next home are in one place.

It’s free for anyone to list on Snap Up Real Estate. Currently, there are over 50,000 listings on the site, with thousands more added every week.

“We also want to layer on assessment and historical transaction data. That currently isn’t on any system in Canada that’s known of, and especially not Canada-wide. This would give the consumer a lot more information to make their real estate buying decisions,” says Dave.

How we’re pursuing the opportunity

Snap Up Real Estate has another lofty goal: to be a company that cares.

Lots of businesses initiate campaigns to give back to their communities. Snap Up Real Estate’s ambition is less of a campaign and more of a company value. The tagline on Dave’s email states “50% of profit pledged to worthy causes.” Their About page has a social responsibility section promoting the Malala Fund and Kiva—organizations they’re currently supporting.

“When we pledge to give 50% to worthy causes, a part of that is to just be a leader in sustainability and to prove to other businesses that you can give 50% of your profit back to your communities. Sustainability is about balance and giving back, not about growing as large as possible, either for a business or for society in general.”

Dave wants to use his business to support several different causes, including education. As part of this, Dave is also donating his time to a Masters of Business Administration class at Thompson Rivers University. The students there, split into 21 teams of two, will participate in a consulting project for Snap Up Real Estate.

“I’m hoping to get a few of them working on the social impact side of our business,” says Dave.  “We’re looking to create an entire social impact program.”

How the Venture Acceleration Program is helping

Snap Up Real Estate has been a part of the Venture Acceleration Program since July 2015. Dave has worked with his Executive in Residence, John Zubak at Kamloops Innovation, to develop his business. As part of their participation in the program, Snap Up Real Estate also had the opportunity to attend the #BCTECH Summit in January 2016.

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