The banking assistant in your pocket

• Allows for users to interact with their bank via mobile technologies.
• Not just online banking – more like a tool to “text your bank.”
• Has benefits for both users and banks.

Groundbreaking innovation in banking is about more than just online banking.

Natalie Cartwright, Founder and COO of Vancouver fintech company, says they use artificial intelligence (AI) to enable modern banking services to make banks and their customers happy.

You’re happy? Me too…

AI interprets a bank customer’s question and provides an answer. This makes users happy because they get their answers in a faster, more personalized way. Plus, this makes banks happy because they become “more than just a bank account.” gives banks a way to connect with their customers using the customer’s communication platform of choice – from smartphone to social media.

Founder’s roots…from Geneva to Gastown

Cartwright humbly reflects that she “didn’t even know she could start a company” when she graduated from high school. She dove into public health, leading her to Switzerland and the United Nation’s Global Fund.

Natalie later became interested in innovation. When FinTech came up in a phone call with a friend, she started to consider starting a FinTech company to pursue her interest in innovation. The rest… is history.

“I remember looking it up while we were on the call. After that, I couldn’t help but respond: ‘yeah, let’s do it.’”

Consumer Services…Wait…Pivot: Banks!

FinTech, in its early days, was marked by disruption. Startups were interested in providing consumers with alternatives to banks and financial institutions. That’s where started, as an alternative to traditional banking. However, the company realized it needed to pivot:

“We realized there wasn’t really a market on the customer side for what we were doing but banks were really interested.”

For, working with banks was a perfect fit. Banks have scale and consumer recognition, while Fintech companies bring an aptitude for agility and innovation.

Putting the “AI” in “”

What does the AI provide users? Answers to questions like:

• With how I’ve been spending this month, can I afford this pair of shoes?
• How can I increase my credit rating?
• I should have gotten paid today. Did the payment come through? helps provide answers to the questions we ask in daily life and that are important to our everyday decisions. Plus, banks have infrastructure in place for the necessary security measures consumers rightly demand.

“It’s all bank rated security. So, interacting with the AI is the same as using an ATM.”

So, next time you’re ‘chatting’ with your bank, it could be all thanks to the decision Natalie had to pursue FinTech… right here in our backyard!

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