Who Should Be Attending the #BCTECH Summit this May?

Endless programs and opportunities jam packed into just three days, showcasing B.C.’s vibrant tech and innovation sectors: the #BCTECH Summit is the largest and most exciting technology event in all of Western Canada.

Unsure if the #BCTECH Summit is an event for you? Our team has you covered!
Click on the personas below to read more about how they’ll benefit from the event.



Jonathan has a groundbreaking new product, but he needs some help bringing it to life. With an audience of 5,500+ attendees, the #BCTECH Summit will help him network with game-changers and make connections to move his business forward.


Lola isn’t sure what she wants to do when she grows up, but she’s curious about technology. At the #BCTECH Summit’s Youth Innovation Day, she’ll get to make connections with other students like her, learn more about the tech sector and have fun interacting with exhibits that showcase the most exciting B.C. tech.

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Steve works for a startup that is ready to grow. He can pitch at the #BCTECH Summit’s Investment Showcase to access local and international investors, or he can participate in the B2B Matchmaking Program to match his tech solution to appropriate buyers.


Jill is looking for bright new talent to join her company. By attending the #BCTECH Summit, she’ll meet a plethora of possible candidates who are exploring new opportunities in the tech community.


Liz is a recent university graduate looking to pursue a career in programming. She knows that the #BCTECH Summit will give her the chance to learn about training and career opportunities and meet with recruiters from hiring companies.


Vincent is an accountant looking for new clients. He knows that hundreds of startups and small businesses will be at the #BCTECH Summit, and he’s excited to meet new people who might be interested in his services.


Kenneth works in the forestry industry, and he needs some help to make sure his company stays competitive. At the #BCTECH Summit, he’ll meet entrepreneurs who can work with him to solve key industry challenges, and he’ll learn how to improve his business model by leveraging innovation.


Deborah is a developer who needs a market for her technology. She’s participating in the #BCTECH Summit’s B2B Matchmaking Program so that she can practice pitching her tech and make connections with investors.


Harold works in a government position, and the technology he’s using needs an update. The #BCTECH Summit will help him meet innovators who can help develop solutions to his problems, and gather feedback on how the government procurement process could be improved.


Rachael is a researcher looking for a technological solution to a complex problem. At the #BCTECH Summit, she’ll see the latest in tech research and development and get connected to entrepreneurs who can help bring her work to life.


Carol is an investor who is ready to support the newest B.C. tech stars. She’s participating in the #BCTECH Summit Investment Showcase to hear pitches from B.C.’s most exciting up-and-coming tech companies.


Winston is a prominent leader in the tech field. He’s coming to the #BCTECH Summit to share his passion with the attendees as a featured speaker. Over the two day conference, he’ll also get to network with other leaders in tech, make powerful new connections and see the best of what the B.C. tech sector has to offer.
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