Ampco Manufacturers Inc. Reveals their Secret to Business Growth

Recognized by Business in Vancouver as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in 2014 and 2015, Ampco Manufacturers Inc. has expanded across the world.

Ampco Manufacturers Inc. is a diverse manufacturing company that:

  • Evolved into providing printing, manufacturing and 3rd party logistics services
  • Benefited from adapting technology early
  • Stresses the importance of meeting clients face-to-face

We sat down with President, Dann Konkin, to learn how although early adoption had accelerated the company’s capabilities, maintaining connections with client outside of technology was the real key to success.

Forecasting the Market and Noting the Importance

Ampco Manufacturers has been a leading innovator from the start, being the first company in Canada to purchase a 3M Scotch Print Digital Printer.

“As we looked at the product and where the market was going. We could see that technology had to play a role in our growth. The way we were printing products versus, how this new digital print process was coming through. It only made sense that we had to adopt that type of technology”

Because of this early adaption, the company was able to establish a solid foundation and grow quickly. They now own three subsidiary businesses, including the MTM Pacific Limited subsidiary located in Hong Kong. But they are also a prime example of a company that is aware of technology’s limits. Utilizing this knowledge, they have been able to fill the void and found the universal secret to growing a business.

Secret to Success

First focusing operations as a pure printing business, Ampco has expanded to provide a wide line of services. Today they range from screen printing, membrane switch assembly and distribution. The key in branching into further services, was simply to talk to their present clients and ask what else they could supply them.

“Companies can go out there and decide were going to get into this product. But they really need to know if their client wants that product … [they need to] find new ideas, and the best way to find out is to go to your client and ask them.”

Being involved with several services, the customers are able to reduce their number of manufactures, thus reducing their own costs and ensuring continuous quality requirements. Building a strong business relationship requires more than just communicating over technology. Konkin stresses the importance and influence of meeting face-to-face to develop a relationship beyond a computer screen.

“Nothing beats selling product to a client than being in front of their face. You have to see their issues you have to see their problems. You can be able to ascertain solutions for them right there and then.”

What is the future for Ampco Manufacturers?

Having majority of their clients based in the United States, Ampco is looking to expand south as part of their disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Showing once again that customers really do come first, Ampco is taking precautions to be ready for all possibilities.

“[We’re] looking to create an entity where we can do manufacturing and we can create stocking of finished goods and raw materials, in the event that something happens in Canada.”

With establishments in Canada, Hong Kong, and soon the United States, the company will be able to provide clients with product no matter the circumstances.

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