Youth and Innovation at the #BCTECH Summit

I attended the #BCTECHSummit this week, but it could have easily been called the BC ‘Innovation’ Conference. The second annual summit was held in Vancouver, March 14-15.

In a keynote address by BC Premier, Christy Clark announced plans to expand a tax credit aimed at innovation in the entertainment sector that specialized in augmented reality. Indeed, virtual reality in all its forms was in the forefront of the summit that was attended by 5000 people on the first day. From medical imaging to real estate architectural visualization, every industry was represented at the 2-day event. Many of the participant booths had a ‘hiring’ sign on their desks echoing what Bill Tam, head of the BC Technology Industry Association said that augmented reality is a budding field and the province needed to make the “necessary investments to get ahead of the pack early.”

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