Virtual reality ascent faster in B.C. than in other provinces: OMERS

For a nascent industry like virtual reality (VR), 17 million headsets hitting the global market during the 2010s is no small sum.

But does investing in the VR hardware business hold much promise for British Columbia’s fast-growing VR industry?

Not really, according to OMERS Ventures associate Prashant Matta, who was in Vancouver March 15 to speak at the second annual BC Tech Summit.

“If you look at hardware and accessories, it’s more likely than not they’ll be controlled by large manufacturers,” he told an audience gathered for panels focused on B.C.’s digital media industry. “Where I see opportunities is top of the stack, where you see emerging content and applications.”

In Metro Vancouver, VR and augmented reality (AR) firms like Finger Food Studios, Archiact and LNG Studios are developing products ranging from VR tours of condos still under construction to AR content that visualizes life-size tractor-trailers in need of redesign.

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