Vancouver is Now Startup City

Jenni Elliott | Vancouver Magazine

Did you know 15,000 new jobs are forecasted for Vancouver’s tech sector over the next five years? Add that to the 75,000 Vancouverites currently working in technology and we’re cooking with gas.

Based on these numbers, it seems savvy that the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) has teamed up with Microsoft and the BC Innovation Council to put together a week chock-a-block with business events designed to encourage startup entrepreneurs to flock to a city already voted “most conducive environment” for startups in 2014.

We chatted with VEC’s Sean Elbe to find out which of Startup City’s lineup you can’t afford to miss. If Sean’s word isn’t enough for you, check out the full calendar listing here.

How did Startup City come about? 
Last year, a group of grassroots volunteer committee members came together to pull off this full week of programming designed around startups and the technology community. They had 80 events with over 4,000 participants, so it seemed obvious VEC should bring it back this year.

Other cities already do this. Why did Vancouver join the gang?
Every day we support green companies, technology companies, social-purpose companies… It was a no-brainer for us to take part in this.

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