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Casey Era | VanCity Buzz

Kids are amazing. Getting that call from your friends asking you to look after their kids for an evening so that husband and wife can enjoy an evening out after a stressful week, is something I welcome.

Hang out time with Uncle Casey is pretty standard: we have a meal (usually not mom approved), watch a movie (which usually involves a healthy dose of sugary treats) and then head on home. Sure, I may not be the most nutrition conscious sitter, but their kids have fun and are in safe and reliable hands while they’re away.

Unfortunately, finding a nanny or sitter isn’t that easy for most people. myBestHelper has been working feverishly to make this process faster, easier and above all things, less stressful.

Here is what the Cofounder CEO of myBestHelper, Alexandra T. Greenhill, shared with us about their journey to date.

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