Tech meets Traditional

When you think about high-tech, resource extraction industries may not come to mind. But British Columbia companies are leaders in using an array of technologies to improve efficiency and promote sustainability in traditional industries like forestry, oil, and natural gas.

To help B.C. companies meet the challenges of the future, the British Columbia Innovation Council encourages an approach that connects promising technologies and companies with specific problems they are looking to solve. “We help to move innovation into industry through the use of essentially what I call challenge statements – or determining the needs of companies and helping them find solutions to those needs,” says BC Innovation Council President and CEO Carl Anderson.

For some, innovation can be a tough concept to grasp, which is why Anderson says BC Innovation Council opts for a more practical approach. “To me, innovation is really a simple concept. It’s making something more efficient or less expensive or faster. It’s about improvement, primarily through innovative technology.” Unlike angel investors or business development agencies, BC Innovation Council is a crown corporation which doesn’t directly invest. “We’re simply here to help companies grow,” Anderson says.

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