Shining the Spotlight on BC Innovation: Talking with Chris Hadfield, BCIC’s Greg Caws, & Greg Malpass

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The Vancouver Board of Trade and the BC Innovation Council  are presenting The B.C. Tech Forum: Leapfrogging Innovation to Business Revolution on March 20th. The event will be taking a detailed look at B.C.’s thriving technology sector. With more than 84,000 people in over 9,000 companies making up this diverse industry, the forum is focused on addressing a number of key questions and topics including:

  • How are we doing and what does innovation mean to B.C.?
  • What’s driving innovation in technology and how can B.C. strengthen its contribution to the global economy?

Commander Chris Hadfield

The day will be highlighted by a keynote address from Commander Chris Hadfield. There’s also a panel conversation entitled “Fast Growth Homegrown Champions” featuring stories about the potential of innovation in business as a mechanism to leapfrog competition from:

  • Jonathan Rhone, President and CEO, Axine 

To make the event more than a feel-good talk fest, the organizers invited 15 B.C. startups to deliver a 90 second presentation highlighting what they’re all about and how they can help other B.C. businesses. The lucky 15 are:

  • Christine Sommers, CEO & Co-founder of ePact
  • Saadia Syed, Corporate Development Manager at Foodee
  • Joe Facciolo, Co-Founder of Guusto
  • Don Wadsworth, VP of Sales at Jostle
  • Monique Morden, CEO & Co-founder of Mentio
  • Jayesh Parmar, CEO & Co-Founder of Picatic
  • Babak Sardary, CEO & Co-Founder of Scoop MAE
  • Steven Forth, Co-Founder & CEO of TeamFit

The event provides an excellent impetus to move the talk of innovation into the action of innovation. I had the opportunity to get panelist Greg Malpass (CEO & Founder) of Traction on Demand to share his thoughts.

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