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The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists estimates that 50% of Canadians do not take their prescription medications as prescribed.

Each year, drug non-compliance causes 10% of all hospital admissions, 25% of hospital admissions for seniors and 23% of all admissions to nursing homes. As well, adverse drug reactions are a leading cause of patient deaths. But a large portion of non-adherence is not deliberate. It’s caused by forgetfulness and memory problems among older patients, who are more likely to be affected by diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

A program at Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Surrey campus, called Technology Entrepreneurship@SFU (Tech e@SFU) looks to help solve this kind of medication problem through a new outlook on post-secondary education.

Tech e@SFU, launched in 2012 and co-funded by the British Columbia Innovation Council, helps people like Surrey resident Rame Putris, a fourth-year mechatronics systems engineering student, develop ideas that are scientifically sound and entrepreneurially promising.

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