Innovation Paving the Way for BCLC’s Future

All over the province, companies are constantly planning for the future, and trying to keep up with rapidly changing economic and technological landscapes. For one company headquartered in Kamloops, there’s no interest in merely keeping up – they’d prefer to stay ahead.

That company is BCLC, which has a history of being at the forefront when it comes to the lottery player experience, technological advancements and market trends. So how are they able to maintain their position at the front of the pack? The answer quite simply comes down to one word – Innovation.

In February, BCLC presented at the British Columbia Growth Opportunities Tour (#BCGO), where they asked local innovators to help them solve their business challenge of creating the next innovative game or experience. #BCGO is where BCLC first pitched their online competition idea and gave the company a unique opportunity to connect directly with BC’s top innovation talent. After having so much success the first time around, BCLC is eager to present once again at the upcoming #BCGO Tour this Fall.

#BCGO offers the opportunity for companies to present their business challenges to an audience of local innovators, and in turn, innovators benefit from meeting potential customers first-hand. Over 600 connections were made last year, fueling innovation across the province.

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