Fusing traditional industries with the latest technologies

How can companies in British Columbia’s most traditional industries like mining, forestry, and agriculture benefit from virtual reality and artificial intelligence – advanced technologies that can make companies more efficient and competitive on an international scale?

Imagine a farmer seeing and treating a sick plant from a desktop computer, or taking a tour of a remote mine site thousands of miles away in a local boardroom. It is possible, but communication bridges between the traditional and technology sectors are still being built.

The BC Innovation Council (BCIC) is creating programs to connect non- tech companies that can potentially innovate operations through doing business with technology companies. The technologies are there – only traditional companies may not know they exist.

“We’re trying to better communicate that every industry in the Province of British Columbia has the capacity to be looking at innovation and technology, and figuring out how it can further what they do and how it can help them to grow,” says Nadine Diner, Director of Industry Initiatives at BCIC.

Programs include #BCGO, a province-wide tour that connects businesses with challenges with local BC tech solutions, and the BCIC Ignite Program provides up $300,000 to research projects focusing on natural resources and the applied sciences sector. The B2B Matchmaking Program, which takes place at the #BCTECH Summit, identifies the needs of technology buyers, innovation scouts and government procurement specialists and connects them with innovative, BC-based technology solution providers.

“We try to facilitate connections and meetings that can lead to business opportunities for both the solution providers and the parties looking for solutions,” Diner says.

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