Clark positions B.C. tech sector as inclusive alternative to inward-looking countries

B.C. Premier Christy Clark used the B.C. Tech Summit on Tuesday (March 14) to tout the province as an open, inclusive alternative for high-skilled foreign workers wary of trying to land jobs in the U.S.

“Around the world, we all see it every day, countries are looking inward and that is a terrible … trend. But it is also, for us as Canadians and us in British Columbia, an opportunity,” the premier said during a 20-minute keynote address to kick off the summit.

“While other countries are looking in, let’s be a country and a province that is reaching out.”

Clark told the audience that it’s “absolutely true” that Canada’s immigration system is better than the U.S. system.

“But it’s a low bar and it’s getting lower,” she said.

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