BIV podcast (episode 55): BDC’s chief economist talks B.C.’s economic edge

In the latest podcast, co-host Tyler Orton recounts attending the B.C. Tech Summit last week and noting the push and pull for tech talent on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border. Does Vancouver have a lifestyle advantage over Silicon Valley?

Premier Christy Clark told the summit B.C. must be more open than ever to foreign talent, even though the provincial government has little control over immigration and citizenship policy. One takeaway from the event: B.C. is punching above its weight in the VR industry.

Vancouver was ranked 15th (and first in Canada) among global cities in helping startups become world success stories. Vancouver was also ranked No. 1 for global reach.

Lawsuits by suppliers and contractors have been filed against Holborn Group, which developed Trump Tower Vancouver. Are the lawsuits the regular flow of things following the construction of a massive project, or is the controversial name drawing negative attention?

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