BC Innovation Council Ignite program helps move B.C. research from lab to market

For all intents and purposes, Axine Water Technologies is the poster child for the modern startup. In just over five years, the Vancouver-based tech company has grown from a single-person enterprise to a burgeoning team of 25. And like most successful startups, it has based its meteoric rise on the development of one key product: an advanced technological system that’s revolutionizing industrial waste-water treatment.

As part of the funding for their research, the team at Axine Water applied for an Ignite Award, a grant that had recently been created by the BC Innovation Council (BCIC). The Ignite program was a perfect fit for the project, because it helps fund partnerships between academic organizations and private companies to accelerate the commercialization of new technologies for B.C.’s booming natural resource and applied sciences sectors.

“The program provides funding opportunities that allow researchers and companies to focus their innovation, research and problem solving on market-driven challenges,” says Kailyn Skuban, who manages the Ignite program at BC Innovation Council. Since the program began in 2016, it has awarded 1.7 million in BC Innovation Council funds. In total, with leveraged funds, the program has contributed more than 5 million towards Ignite projects.

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