Premier Christy Clark speaks at BC Tech Summit, announces funding for tech industry

Premier Christy Clark was at the second annual BC Tech Summit held in Downtown Vancouver this morning.

Speaking to the crowd, Clark announced new funding, 100-million dollars by 2020, for initiatives in BC’s tech industry.

“We are increasing the number of STEM grads in BC by a thousand seats in our province per year. Those grads will be spread out at institutions across the province. They will be in diverse fields. We will be striving to make sure that those grads that we produce are ones that meet the changing needs of the industry as you evolve in British Columbia.”

She adds more needs to be done to encourage students from both here in BC and abroad to enter the tech industry.

She says here at home, coding is going to make the real difference for students.

“we have begun the program to make sure that every child in British Columbia when they graduate from high school speaks the world’s universal language. That is not English, French or mandarin. The world’s universal language is coding.”

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