BCIC-Mitacs Commercialization Voucher Program

Please note: The pilot of the BCIC-Mitacs Commercialization Voucher Program is now complete.

The BCIC-Mitacs Commercialization Voucher Program helps BC businesses get their ideas and products to market faster. In its pilot year, established companies can apply for a commercialization voucher to retain a graduate student from a BC-based post-secondary research institution for commercialization assessments on new products or services or new market opportunities for existing products or services.

Objective of the BCIC-Mitacs Commercialization Voucher Program

The Voucher Program is designed to demonstrate the value of industry/academic collaboration and to help develop and retain BC commercialization talent.

The Voucher Program aims to:

  • Build commercialization capacity at BC post-secondary institutions;
  • Increase opportunities to build relationships between post-secondary institutions and the private sector;
  • Showcase graduate student skills and talent to potential employers within BC;
  • Assist graduate students in gaining industry and commercialization experience;
  • Assist graduate students in exploring career opportunities in BC.


To learn more about the BCIC-Mitacs Commercialization Voucher Program, click here.

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