Carl Anderson

President & CEO

Carl Anderson is President & CEO of the BC Innovation Council. He is a 38-year veteran of the technology industry with a strong history of entrepreneurial business leadership, excellent problem solving skills and a history of creative solutions. His technical background combines an Honours Physics degree with a Masters in Electronics Engineering and includes projects in antisubmarine warfare, fault tolerant nuclear controllers and hardware design for military and commercial applications.

Carl designed, implemented and ran the province’s first entrepreneur incubator at SFU. He has started numerous companies, started and taken a company from bootstrap funding to an IPO and mentored continuously since his work at SFU. In Carl’s previous role as Entrepreneur in Residence at BC Innovation Council, he worked on identifying and developing strategic initiatives and relationships of high value to BC technology entrepreneurs and innovators. He also worked on implementations of BCIC’s cross sector strategy within the resource sectors that connects industry problems with innovative “problem solvers.” He is excited to be leading BC Innovation Council during a pivotal time, where technology plays critical role in growing BC’s economy.

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