Canfor: BC based company can turn trees into jet fuel

All hail the renewable resource that just keeps on giving!

Get this guys—clean energy exists right here in British Columbia’s backyard. We’re talking, green energy from TREES. Not in the way that it just helps you breathe better, they’re used in ways that you couldn’t even imagine.

We’re here today with Canfor, one of the world’s largest sawmill manufacturers in the world and one of the only paper mills in Canada. Joining us today is Director of Biofuel Development, James Spankie who has been with Canfor for a good 18 years and speaks to the history and evolution of forest products.

“Trees themselves are really just batteries, they’re carbon batteries or energy batteries in a lot ways. They absorb carbon from the atmosphere and they absorb energy from the sun” says James.

Carbon batteries… really? How do trees act as batteries?

Here’s 2 things you would’ve never guessed what trees are used for.

  1. Biofuel and biocrude production.

Innovative technology is what brought us here to the point where we could turn biomass into something extremely valuable: crude oil. Yes we’re pulling oil up from the ground… the trees straight up from the ground.

So the process starts by producing lumber from trees, then taking the chips to produce pulp, then using the steam from that to produce power (emphasized in the second point), and finally taking the residuals to create crude oil,

Canfor Pulp formed a joint venture with Licella Fibre Fuels last year, a biofuel production company based in Australia to help turn-mill waste into biofuel.

You’d think wood chips and mill waste would be garbage, but turn that into biodiesel and that could be used to fly you to your next vacay destination or keep your car running guilt-free. UH, where can I sign up?

  1. Electricity to power your homes.

There aren’t many companies that own bragging rights to producing their own electricity. Canfor is one of the largest producers for green energy in North America and has recently become self-sufficient by producing electricity for its mills as well as exporting electricity throughout the province.

It’s no wonder why Canfor is big on innovation and technology. Turning wood into electricity is not an easy job and guess what? You’re probably reading this on your laptop or smartphone, powered by the electricity Canfor made from trees!

Now there’s something Leonardo Dicaprio can stand behind. Hurray to the power of trees!

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