Geotech Drilling: Why this is the next company you’re applying for

  • Huge demand in drilling industry, says BC-based company Geotech Drilling
  • Focus on diversification of new hires is the key to success
  • Geotech surpasses their 20-year anniversary and is guaranteed to expand with new acquisitions

Are you looking for a job? Who do you want to work with? Look no further! Bet you haven’t considered BC’s drilling industry—oh yes, it’s a hot topic.

On today’s podcast, we have VP of Operations at Geotech Drilling, Ryan Samis, who has been with the company for an astounding 15 of the 21 years since it was first founded in 1996. After Geotech’s 20th anniversary last year, he tells us exactly how they maintain their position as the top drilling contractor of choice in BC.


Borehole drilling is not a bore

In fact, there’s a huge demand for it and a large base of their clientele are international engineering companies. So despite calling Prince George home, Geotech has taken on projects in Peru, Greenland, US and West Africa. They even have an office in Ouagadougou (say that fast 3 times), the capital of Burkina Faso in Africa and opened another office in Vancouver.

Here are the 3 main disciplines they focus on

  1. Infrastructure drilling
    • The assessment and drilling needed from engineer firms to support the builds of infrastructure
  2. Exploration drilling
    • Support for the mining sector, taking core samples for mining companies so they understand where their deposits are and how they can mine them
  3. Construction sector
    • Comes after design phases of buildings, installation anchors for construction

Geotech experienced its big boom in business in 2010 and hasn’t stopped since. They’ve been acquiring companies with expertise in cone penetration and sonic drilling, both of which are in heavy demand.

Getting technical

Ok, hold on. No one’s getting fired from the adoption of high tech here, at least not at Geotech. It’s still a labour intense job that requires manpower and knowledge.

“That’s the nice thing about drilling is that technology will never replace it. Drilling will never happen like that… there’s still a lot of the knowledge and experience that drillers have that would supersede a computer,” says Ryan.

Not only are you able to retain the job, work will feel more like play since companies like Geotech emphasize on keeping conditions safe and employees as happy as possible. Social responsibility is also high on their list of priorities, something the crew can definitely stand behind.

A dynamic group

One of the more surprising advantages about Geotech is that many of its executives do NOT have a drilling background.

“It allows you to have perspective on what’s going to be the next growth opportunity, seeing it from someone else that is in a different sector of business,” says Ryan.

So… drilling is in high demand, they hire from diverse non-drilling backgrounds and you could travel? Work with this ground-breaking company (pun intended), and you may reach a new level of job love!

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