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This is the 6th profile in the “Meet the Startups” countdown, where we give you a taste of some of the companies you will see and hear from at the Canadian Financing Forum this week! For the previous profile with CommandWear, read it here

Optigo Networks

How smart is your building? This BC startup can probably make it a lot smarter! Optigo provides secure connectivity to the Internet of things (IoT) in commercial buildings. This is a huge market that is screaming for answers and new technologies to address the ‘wild wild west’ of connected devices.

Using their patent-pending technology, Optigo’s solution relies on a collection of benefits and technologies to protect, connect and manage a smart building, adding multiple layers of security to commercial buildings.

A big hindrance to widespread IoT adoption is both consumer and enterprise concerns regarding privacy and security. As people learn about all the amazing things that a connected world can bring, there is still the “ick factor” regarding having all of this rich data floating out over the internet. This is especially true for connected devices, which are often userless (like thermostats and other sensors) and not actively monitored (unlike computers or servers). In most cases, connected devices are too stupid to have security protections embedded in them, like firewalls and anti-viruses.

According to IDG Enterprise Research, the biggest increase in IT spending is in security technologies with 46% of companies responding that their budgets for security technologies will increase in 2015.

To resolve this, Optigo is turning the premise around and saying the network itself should be a secure network, capable of stopping certain types of intrusions and shutting down certain types of vulnerabilities. Optigo achieves this through a unique system of:

  1. Dedicated networks
  2. Intrusion detection
  3. Big Data Analytics

Optigo’s smart buildings have a separate, segregated network dedicated to providing connectivity for the IoT in commercial buildings. They argue that this is the ONLY way that you can ensure hackers cannot jump from a network connecting thermostats (or HVACs in Target’s case) to the network hosting sensitive customer or financial data. Optigo also actively monitors ports and connected devices for anomalies and reports back to a facility manager that intrusions or other abnormal behaviour has been detected. The Optigo solution is also able to run big data analytics to identify trouble spots and predict device failures.

That’s how Optigo Networks makes smart buildings smarter and safer than ever before! To meet the team behind Optigo, join us at the Canadian Financing Forum 2015!

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