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This is the 5th profile in the “Meet the Startups” countdown, where we give you a taste of some of the companies you will see and hear from at the Canadian Financing Forum this week! For the previous profile with Vandrico, read it here


CommandWear is a local Vancouver start-up founded in July 2013 and currently on trajectory to becoming a global leader in mobile and wearable technology solutions for the public safety and security market.

CommandWear keeps our communities and responders safe by ensuring you “…know where your team is and communicate with them in any situation.” Their mobile situational awareness software platform integrates wearable devices (smart watches like Pebble) to provide real-time personnel tracking, team communication and historical event replay.

The concept was born from the founder’s first-hand experience in working with first responders for 25 years. Mike Morrow saw commanders making response decisions without really knowing where the team members were, not being able to get commands and messages sent quickly when radios were congested and hard to hear, and a lot of wasted time and money spent on putting together reports after events like the Vancouver Riots.

Luckily, that won’t need to happen again because today’s wearable devices allow responders to operate heads-up and hands-free while the watch allows for messages to be sent and received without adversely affecting their work and safety.

CommandWear field-tests new wearable hardware devices with first responders to certify that all new hardware works well in demanding environments.  Several successful pilots by CommandWear have been converted to paying customers and, through a $500,000 grant from Build in Canada Innovation Program, the company is currently deploying with the RCMP and also is negotiating partnerships with the US Intelligence Community.

CommandWear is part of the Wavefront Acceleration Program that has been valuable in providing R&D funding, mentoring and introductions to key partners and investors.

Wearables for the enterprise is a very large opportunity in BC and elsewhere, especially among public safety and security, and within the utility and oil and gas sectors. “This technology keeps our heroes (responders) and, most importantly, our children and communities safe.”

To find out more,, tweet @commandwear and meet the team in person at this week’s annual Canadian Financing Forum 2015.

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