BCIC-New Ventures Competition helps Edvisor accelerate their growth

School and agency collaboration for the 21st century—that’s the promise of Edvisor. It is the first-end-to-end platform that connects a school’s international recruitment with the education agencies that sell their programs.

And Nicolas Miller, Edvisor Founder & CEO, credits the BCIC-New Ventures Competition as a catalyst that’s helped his startup grow. Since winning the top spot in the province wide competition, Edvisor has doubled in sized to create 10 new jobs and signed up 70% of the language schools in Canada. It’s no surprise these results also enabled Nicolas to close $2.5M in financing from his investors in the past year.

Miller recognizes the impact of their BCIC-New Ventures Competition experience, explaining that, “When talking to new hires or investors, it is one of the things that puts together a more credible story for us.”

As winners, they were awarded $100,000 in prize money and a generous suite of acceleration and business services. Nicolas recognizes the rigorous business competition with providing greater validity, expertise and capital to fuel his startup.

He considers the capital won to be extremely important beyond its monetary value. “The prize money was not insignificant,” he says. “It’s validation to the world that you are doing something right, and funds are always super important in the early stage of company growth.”

Miller also notes that his startup benefited from the mentorship that the program affords companies, sharing that, “The mentors were super supportive, and extremely valuable from a learning perspective.”

“We’ve actually stayed quite close with our mentors,” he adds.

School and agency collaboration for the 21st century? Promise made. Promise delivered.

Through initiatives like the BCIC-New Ventures Competition, a component of the Innovation Exchange™, BC Innovation Council works with partners in industry, like New Ventures BC, government and academia to ensure new innovation is vetted and risk is mitigated, ultimately leading to more successful startups, a higher likelihood of new jobs being created and economic growth in British Columbia.

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