tech e@UBC: Making water safe, anywhere

Vancouver startup, Purus, is making a new Ultra-Violet Light Emitting Diode (UV-LED) for water purification.



UV light purifies water, but the sort of direct exposure needed isn’t always available. Purus harnessed this knowledge to develop a mobile purification system. While the potential market is broad, Purus needed a market that would provide cash flow in the tech’s early stages.

They refined their target market through the entrepreneurship@UBC (e@UBC) Accelerator Program, interviewing potential markets. This led them to the recreational boat market—a “tech-savvy community” that needs a portable water purifier like this.

“We had struggled to focus on one market because there are many opportunities to choose from in water purification,” Manoj Singh, CEO of Purus, told e@UBC. Through e@UBC, Purus found a strong potential market.

BCIC is a proud partner of the e@UBC Accelerator Program, helping develop entrepreneurship in BC.

Read more about Purus.

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