Schneider Electric: Powering the world in a sustainable way

There’s an electric feeling in Victoria’s tech industry, and it’s lighting up our province!

On today’s podcast, we speak to Richard Henzie, Marketing Director for Buildings at Schneider Electric Canada. While Schneider is headquartered in France, a lot of innovation comes from their Canadian office in our province’s capital—Victoria!

Ten years ago, Schneider set out to be the largest global energy leader in the world, but it wasn’t possible in Canada since Power Measurement took the lead here—so an acquisition made sense.

Today, Schneider Electric has made their presence known on the global scale, and they’re looking into innovative technology to solve some big challenges.

Making homes and buildings smart

Yes, we can turn on the lights with the clap of our hands. But what’s even better today is that tech allows us to automate and schedule the timing of when our electrical products turn on.

Schneider looks to participate in the smart home market. That’s not an easy task, especially for old buildings. Can you imagine how challenging it can be to replace or improve the electricals of a building? Of ALL the buildings?

It’s a tall order, but being able to control our houses’ electrical through an app is pretty exciting!

Clean energy from an island

Participating in the international market isn’t exactly easy to do in Victoria, especially when trying to make relationships work in Europe and Asia. But the island life brings a more laidback feel to the workplace.

“We often joke that it’s more of a lifestyle than a job,” says Richard.

Another international player in their field is Elon Musk’s Solar City. Since global warming can no longer be denied, the movement towards clean and sustainable energy is at an all-time high.

Sustainability is one of Schneider’s key principles. It’s also an area that will be further invested and developed within the company, building on their electric vehicle charging systems and products.

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