QHR Technologies – Instant access to your doctor from the comfort of your couch

  • Canadian company QHR Technologies, ready to amp-up the EMR industry and provide medical access to the palm of your hands
  • Loblaw Companies AKA Shopper’s Drug Mart completed it’s acquisition of QHR Technologies last year
  • Medeo Virtual Care app created by QHR connects you to your doctor via video conference

Suppose you’re getting sick and tired of being sick and trudging over to see a doctor… but you’re in the middle of burning a fever and you know your family doctor is full for the day. The walk-in clinic definitely has a 2 hour wait and your mom’s chicken noodle soup is nowhere in sight.

Sound familiar? You’ll be glad to know that you can finally see your doctor through the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

We’re here today with Mike Checkley, President of Kelowna-based QHR Technologies and founder of Accuro to talk about Canada’s need and readiness for tech to improve communications across the medical system.

Checkly started Accuro in 2002 with 2 other computer science classmates when they realized the market opportunity to increase connectivity in the healthcare system, just did not exist. 2 years later, they were acquired by QHR Technologies. Fast forward to October 2016— Loblaw, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. completed its acquisition of QHR Corporation.

Accuro: Paperless medical charts = Painless solution for all

Easy cross-communication between all your medical professionals was nearly non-existent 15 years ago. The past decade has been the age of major tech-adoption and it has prepped patients and doctors alike to now expect ease of information. Accuro acts as the leading electronic medical records (EMR) system in Canada to do just that.

Accuro can:

  • Secure medical records management for clinical environments
  • Allow you to book your doctor appointments online
  • Automate daily administrations of a medical clinic (such as billing, scheduling and messaging patients)
  • Give patients access to their clinical information through smartphones

After all, if we can book a table at our favourite restaurant online, shouldn’t we be able to do the same for the

Medeo: Access to your healthcare provider in minutes

One of the most exciting tools out of QHR’s belt is Medeo Virtual Care, an app that gives you access to your doctor via video conference! Because the last thing anyone wants to do is be out of bed when you’re sicker than a dog.

Some of us at the office have tried it—it’s a godsend.

“We’re seeing this increase in popularity especially for those quick follow-ups and prescription renewals. Or say you get a lab test done, and you know the results are back and the physician wants to discuss it with you… why not just be at your office.. and have a quick (video) call?” says Mike.

It’s grown exponentially with mental health care providers since speaking comfortably from home beats the stigma of patients walking in to see their mental health professional.

The future of health care is literally in the palm of your hands!

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