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Since 1999, Richmond-based company PressReader has been finding new ways to deliver content.

PressReader started as a business that printed newspapers like the Daily Telegraph and the Times for distribution in faraway places. Now, it’s morphed into a digital content aggregator for newspapers and magazines.

No more limits – one subscription can mean unlimited access

PressReader lets you flip from reading the Globe and Mail or Vancouver Sun to scanning the pages of GQ and Vogue – it’s all at your fingertips.

Gone are the days of having to make the 1 or 2 subscription choice. With a single PressReader subscription you can access a virtually unlimited number of publications. Plus, you won’t need to manage multiple subscriptions – all your favourites are in one place.

One PressReader subscription provides you unlimited access to a huge variety of publications. These publications are subscription and non-subscription based.

“We envision PressReader to be one of eight apps that you use on a regular basis.”

PressReader is a content aggregator for print publications. In other words, it takes all your favourite print newspapers and magazines and makes them available in digital format at just the tap of a finger.

Moving up the ranks at PressReader

As EVP, Chief Content Officer and General Counsel at Press Reader, Nikolay Malyarov knows a thing or two about the company’s history.

After coming to Vancouver for grad school, Malyarov joined PressReader part-time while still in school. Known then as Newspaper Direct, Malyarov was tasked with bringing the company into the digital world.

Fourteen years later and Malyarov is still finding ways to innovate.

Freemium Model

Over the years, one of the key lessons Malyarov has learned is that when it comes to content, “customers still don’t want to pay for it.”

So, PressReader provides a Freemium service. Top stories can be read for free and extensive access is with a paid subscription.

“We are a content discovery platform. We’re a content creator. We’re a publisher in our own right.”

From home to hospitalities – innovate for your revenue stream

PressReader has identified partnerships as the means to build sustainable revenue streams. These partnerships also provide a channel to access networks of readers around the world. PressReader partners with entities like hotels, airlines and libraries to deliver valuable content to their readers.

No plans for stopping now

Reports about an impending “death of newspapers” don’t worry Malyarov. The innovator sees the future differently:

“I think it would be incredibly disingenuous for me to say that print will die.”

Malyrov isn’t predicting an explosion of growth for print publications. He does consider that “print is just a medium… the question is as to what content goes in to that medium.” Keeping content in mind, PressReader now offers its own online magazine, The Insider.

With a commitment to quality content and a readiness to innovate for new audiences, PressReader is on track to become one of your top daily apps.

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