iTel Networks: How this BC start-up is winning the battle against communication giants

  • Kamloops-based iTel Networks competes with communications giants such as TELUS, Shaw and Bell
  • Founder Dan Rink prides over his company’s incomparable customer service
  • iTel Networks awarded as national winner for High-Growth Entrepreneurship 2016 from Startup Canada, expands their office and team exponentially

The most frustrating annoyances at work?

  • Dropped calls in the middle of an important meeting
  • Transferring files at turtle speed thanks to poor internet connection
  • Calling the IT guy for the above two which should be simple fixes, but ends up costing time and money

We found THE company to fix those issues. iTel Networks is the first national carrier alternative that provides customized solutions for businesses who need great phone lines and internet speeds faster than Usain Bolt.

We sit down with Dan Rink, the founder and CEO of iTel Networks Inc. and talk about what it’s like being headquartered in their 34,000 sq foot office in Kamloops and “battling with giants on a daily basis”.

The 10-year Start-Up

Tom Clancy once said, “An overnight success is ten years in the making”. And Dan Rink certainly found his success after starting Care Caller at the age of 18 and iTel Networks at the age of 24.

Fast forward to the last 3 years, iTel Networks has finally hit the higher end of the hockey stick curve. Last year, their team of 20 grew to 60 and they have no plans of stopping since they plan on filling their new, 34,000 sq. foot facility with up to 200 employees.

Did we mention it’s a beach front property, soccer field included? You can’t get that kind of space in the big city.

Battle of the giants

Communication giants such as TELUS and Bell remain their biggest competitors. But these national conglomerates have to jump through many hoops to get customized plans done. Don’t forget about the 20-minute wait with fancy hold music to speak to the next available agent.

Here’s just some of what they do that the giants can’t compete with.

  • “Under one minute hold times and high first call resolutions” is guaranteed says Dan, “… right now it’s an 18 second average”.
  • A 24/7/365 technical support line to answer any time of day. That’s some serious customer service.
  • Bonded Internet – Combines many different connections from other providers into one single resilient line to increase bandwidth. So you never lose connections, even if you’re in a rural area.
  • Virtualized PBX – A consolidated phone system with a huge set of features regular business phones just don’t have
  • iTel Network is a national provider while the giants are regional players: you get one network and phone provider across all your locations in Canada (and US)!

There’s no stopping for iTel Networks. With a huge office, high-demand for talent and being a national award winner, iTel Networks is on everybody’s watch list this year.

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