HTML500 inspires a new wave of technology talent

BCIC was a proud sponsor of this Saturday’s HTML500 by Lighthouse Labs, the largest learn-to-code event in North America.

With 500 eager to-be-coders and another 1400 on the waitlist, #HTML500 proved to be a hugely successful way to motivate and connect the next generation of technology professionals.

Guest speaker Hon. Minister Andrew Wilkinson highlighted in his opening address the growing opportunities for both entrepreneurship and employment in the technology space. “If you look around the room,” Minister Wilkinson said, “you could be looking at your future employer.”

Lighthouse Labs Professor Khurram Virani lead the morning lecture with a set of step-by-step instructions to writing basic HTML. The second lecture covered CSS and stylizing, where attendees spent another 1.5 hours creating their personalized pages.

The huge classroom festival was composed of university students and professionals from diverse fields. Notably, half the event attendees were women, an increasingly prominent trend in the technology space. For some, this was an opportunity to have some fun building a webpage from scratch. To others, this was the entry-way to a future career in programming.

Ultimately, this kind of community engagement illustrates why the technology sector is already the largest employer in the province. Grass-roots interest to engage and build solutions with the technology that affects our lives signals a bright future for BC’s innovation economy.

To find out more about Lighthouse Labs and the HTML500 event on CBC News.

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