e@UBC innovators make surgeries in developing countries safer

By improving medical resources, Arbutus Medical is allowing for faster, safer and more frequent surgeries.

One of their developments is a drill cover that can be thoroughly cleaned between surgeries. This allows doctors in developing countries to perform surgeries in a safe, sterilized environment. As CEO Florin Gheorghe explains, this enables doctors to help more individuals each day, as the drill covers can easily be sterilized between patients.

The entrepreneurship@UBC (e@UBC) Accelerator Program was paramount to the Arbutus Medical team’s success. They originally developed the cover throughEngineers in Scrubs, a UBC program that takes doctors’ challenges and introduces engineers’ solutions. By then joining e@UBC Accelerator, Arbutus Medical was able to refine their audience and pitch.

BCIC is a proud partner of the e@UBC Accelerator Program, which supports the development of ventures in BC.

Read more about Arbutus Medical’s project at entrepreneurship.ubc.ca

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