Co-op students’ skills benefit #BCTECH industry

Two of BCIC's co-op students, both from Simon Fraser University: Natalie Serafini, left, Marketing & Communications Coordinator and Eunice Leung, right, Marketing Coordinator.

For over 60 years, students and businesses in Canada have been benefiting from formal co-op student programs across the country. March 16 marks the start of National Co-op Week, known in British Columbia as Co-operative Education Week, which recognizes the vital contributions that co-op placements make to BC’s students, employers and economy.

To celebrate, we would like to highlight the many ways co-op students have contributed to and will continue to support BC’s innovation economy. Read the following articles to learn how co-op students can help you accelerate your business in 2016.

BCIC supports co-operative education through the BC Tech Co-op Grants Program that recently expanded its criteria to support larger companies and more industries, for longer terms. Learn more and apply today at

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