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“How to seek out fresh tracks and get paid for it with Trevor Campbell of Mighty Bighorn Maps”

The Kootenay Association for Science and Technology (KAST) has been going strong with their podcast, You Can Do that Here! In the most recent episode, they chat with Trevor Campbell on his mission to map out ski locations. What started off as a personal goal is now business Mighty Bighorn Maps. Learn more about ski cartography.

Learn more about how you can work from a mountain town—with easy access to ski and snowboarding.

Photo via Hummingbird Drones, Facebook 

“Generating entrepreneurial success”

Hummingbird Drones, which is currently in the Venture Acceleration Program with Kamloops Innovation, recently got some great news: its CEO Robert Atwood has been awarded the Startup Canada Young Entrepreneur Award for BC and the North. The awards ceremony happened on November 4 in Vancouver.

Read more about Hummingbird Drones’ work.

“Venture Spotlight: Jeff Krahn of Mission, BC”

In their Venture Spotlight, SRCTec interviews Jeff Krahn with CEA Innovations Corp. They detail the work the company’s doing, and their experience in the Venture Acceleration Program. CEA Innovation Corp. has developed a robotic gripper for agricultural work. The gripper can handle fruits and vegetables more gently than a human hand does, preventing the bruising or damage of crops.

Learn more about CEA Innovations Corp and SRCTec.

“ProSmart Sports honours volunteers”

ProSmart helps coaches plan practices and drills, giving hockey teams advanced tools for learning. In addition to practice plans, drills, videos and team messaging, ProSmart will soon be releasing an app for mobile convenience. The company, which has worked with Accelerate Okanagan, recently launched their first ad campaign titled #ThanksCoach. The video features coaches and young hockey players alongside some NHL professionals, showing the importance of a good coach.

Watch the ad and learn more about ProSmart.


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