BCLC: Winning Bets on Technology

  • Top-notch security department ensures winnings can’t be hacked
  • Looking into integrating the casino, lottery and e-gaming experience together
  • Working with local accelerators and hiring top talent to their team

Gambling may sound like all fun and games, but when it involves great tech, BCLC doesn’t joke around.

On today’s podcast, we talk to BCLC’s Director of Software Services Lauren Goebel, about how high the stakes are when it comes to tech, security and the challenge of accommodating to the new generation.

Heightened security for a tech-dominated world

Aside from checking to see if you’re the next Lotto Max millionaire winner, BCLC has systems in place to make sure those winnings don’t fall into the wrong hands. Their security department stays ten steps ahead of hackers by constantly running penetration tests– they more recently brought on a cyber security specialist.

Currently, BCLC is looking into creating a mobile app that lets users buy their lotto tickets with a click of a button. So you don’t ever have to search for lotto kiosks again.

“E-gaming is a small percentage of the business, but it has the highest growth rate” says Lauren. Certainly, e-gaming is a step in the right direction, especially with it’s rise in the last decade. Take Candy Crush as an example.

Security outside the gaming world is no joke. Here’s an interesting security tip: if you’re ever being followed by someone, you’ll be glad to know that a casino is actually one of the safest to places to be as every inch of the space is being recorded by security cameras. You can’t even get away in the parking lots since license plate recognition (and soon facial recognition) cameras are everywhere.

Tapping into a new crowd

One of BCLC’s current challenges is marketing and accommodating to the younger generation. Nowadays, mobile games are dominating our smartphones and tablets. BCLC hopes to manage the digital channel in upcoming years in attempts to integrate the casino, lottery and e-gaming experiences together.

For example, you’re in a really intense game of blackjack at the casino, but you’re significant other is starving, there may be a way to continue that game on a tablet while playing footsie at the dinner table.

The tech industry boom has had the power to drive out certain industries, but BCLC is making sure they’re on top of it. They’ve worked with local accelerators such as Kamloops Innovation Council and hired many from Thompson Rivers University to make sure they have top talent on their team.

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