Axis Forestry: Serving loggers world-wide with innovative tech

Do you get to build giant robots at work? Well, that’s what this BC-based company does.

• Axis Forestry is more of a tech company than a traditional forestry company
• Offering services to design, manufacture and rebuild mechanized forestry equipment
• Creating a new shift the industry with tech

On today’s episode, we head up to Kamloops to talk with Wayne Cochran, Founder and CEO of Axis Forestry. He shares with us how they’re more of a technology company than a traditional forestry company and how they’re shifting the industry with mechanized forestry equipment.

Axis Forestry serves logging contractors worldwide. While their prime business is manufacturing parts that will fit forestry processor heads, they also rebuild parts and have recently invented their own processor head (Rebel X25) and control system (Cyprus Control).

Their services include:
• Designing innovative products – based on feedback from loggers
• Manufacturing parts in-house – to build quality products
• Rebuilding products – to new conditions at half the cost
• Giving loggers tools and confidence – to minimize down time

“You will never know unless you try”

Wayne grew up in a logging town, so he understands exactly what loggers are looking. After working for an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for a decade and then pursuing a career as a musician, Wayne knew he wanted a change.

With his knowledge and expertise in the industry, he started helping his logger friends service their machines and find specific parts. When his friends suggested that he should actually do this for a business, Wayne decided to just go for it.

“And whammo, I got a business,” exclaims Wayne.

Axis Forestry started out by refurbishing used forestry equipment. By continuously rebuilding processor heads, seeing where they typically crack and how they’re going to fix them, the team soon became experts.

Wayne admits that there were a few challenging frames where his staff had to cut them open and manufacture entirely new components – but that got them thinking.

It sparked the innovative idea to create their own machine and the tech system within it. Which went on to become the only North American produced machine and control package in the mechanized forestry business.

Creating a new shift in the industry

Typically, there’s an OEM manufacturer and distribution network that sells to their customers. But Axis Forestry is one of the very firsts to bypass that business model: they’re the manufacturer all-in-one AND they retail to their own customers.

Two key advantages of this are:
1. Competitive prices – by building the machines on site, they’re able to sell directly to their customers at great prices
2. Product knowledge – by specializing in processor heads, they know exactly what they’re doing

Axis Forestry has also recently gone international. They’re manufacturing in both Canada and the United States.

“In a way, we did want world domination,” says Wayne. ““We wanted to make an industry shift, that was the whole goal of this business.”

Wayne shares with us his advice for all the entrepreneurs out there:
“At the end of the day it’s only money, but just go for it.”

So what are you waiting for? Just go for it, and you can change the industry too.


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