10 ways a co-op student can help your business

BCIC’s trio of co-op students for Fall 2015 – Spring 2016. Photo by Kent Kalberg.

BCIC recently updated eligibility for the BC Tech Co-op Grants Program. These changes have broadened the scope of who can apply for a grant.

Not sure what a co-op student can do for your business? Check out our Top 10 list.

  1. Create. Co-op students can create important assets for your company. They can make electrical blueprints such as electrical calculations for architectural firms, for example. These tasks are a sure-fire way to evaluate if they would be a good fit for your company. It’s possible to transition a co-op student to a full-time position.
  2. Design. Co-op students can help you design high quality, production ready assets and mock ups. These can range from newsletters to logos, brochures and even infographics, like this one. Their creative young minds can come up with fresh ideas!
  3. Social Media Savvy. A co-op student can enlist their personal experience with social media and help your company effectively use tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  4. Innovate. Co-op students can help with virtual reality (VR) development. One recent co-op student at a Vancouver-based company was instrumental in the release of a new VR game!
  5. Human resource management. Co-op students can help your HR team with coordinating benefits programs, administration and recruiting new staff.
  6. Videos. Co-op students can plan, shoot and edit videos to promote your company or products. Short projects like these are perfect for a co-op student.
  7. Apps. Co-op students can help with app creation. With the relative low costs associated with co-op students and their desire to learn, amazing things can come out of it.
  8. Cloning. Not more co-op students unfortunately. However, co-op students can help with both molecular cloning and protein purification. (Let us know if you learn how to clone co-op students!)
  9. Networking. Co-op students can help you staff a booth at conferences. Their enthusiasm can be helpful in creating new opportunities for your company.
  10. Write. Co-op students can research and write reports, newsletters and blogs, like this one!

These are just some of the ways you can accelerate the growth of your business while providing a student with valuable learning experience. Learn more about the BC Tech Co-op Grants Program.

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