Local research ‘Ignited’

New technology being developed at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus has been awarded an “Ignite” grant.

UBCO’s Dr. Jonathan Holzman, working with Canfor and ExcelSense Technologies, have developed self-cleaning camera technology that has the potential to save millions of dollars in the province’s forestry and mining sectors.

The technology also addresses safety concerns for cameras in high-risk locations.

The research is so groundbreaking that Holzman and ExcelSense CEO Nima Nabavi recently won one of three BC Innovation Council Ignite awards.

The awards are given out to research that demonstrates commercial and technical viability, and that will be market ready in less than three years. To win, applicants must be working in a group that includes at least one academic member and an industry partner conducting research projects that address a “significant demonstrated problem faced by industry.”

Through the second annual awards, a total of $873,475 was handed out amongst three B.C. research projects in the natural resources and applied sciences fields.

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