How B.C Businesses Can Innovate and Grow Throughout 2016

Nikolas Badminton | Huffington Post BC

It seems like every business has an innovative product or service, or are adopting innovation mindsets to help level up to survive and thrive in a world where margins are getting thinner and customers are overwhelmed with choice. And, for many B.C.-based businesses, adopting this approach towards innovation is becoming a core function of their business as they strive to grow.

Collaborating and sharing ideas with others, looking to new technologies and ways of working to boost productivity, being empathetic towards customer’s needs, and actively understanding the macro and microeconomic factors that affect business on a daily basis have become essential.

Here we present three key areas where business can innovate and will grow throughout 2016.

Business Productivity Through Collaboration

We all know that business moves fast these days. It’s not only about first mover advantage but also how we can all be agile and innovate our businesses on a daily basis. One particular trend that is growing is to connect your teams to allow for ideas and feedback to happen instantaneously.

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