Highlights from the Second Annual Tech Summit in BC

This week saw the annual #BCTech Summit return to Vancouver for a second year. The two-day conference brought together the city’s brightest minds with the goal of building a better province. Here were highlights from the event.

Constructing smarter cities

Imagine technology that tells you when your garbage has been picked up, when the the snow is removed on your street, or when the busiest time of day at your local park or playground is. Some of this either already exists in cities across North America, or is part of the pioneering thinking driving so-called “smart city” initiatives from coast to coast.

A city is considered “smart” when it combines information and communication technology (ICT) and the Internet of things (IoT) to help run its assets. More municipalities, big and small, are using ICT and the IoT to not only offer better, more efficient services, but also as a way to bring equality to their citizens.

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