GetintheLoop And Never Pay Full Price Again

GetintheLoop is a mobile marketing platform that:

  • gives consumers a single place to benefit from digital coupons.
  • gives businesses a way to reach consumers on their mobile device.
  • leverages mobile adoption and targets the huge global coupon marketplace.

CEO Matt Crowell founded GetintheLoop five years ago to find cheap tee times with friends. He seized the market opportunity of mobile and coupons to grow the company. Mobile has become one of the most popular ways to target consumers  and the number of global coupon users is growing exponentially (expected to reach 1.05 billion by 2019).

What started as a way to find cheap tee times has become an app to access coupons for food, spa and getaway packages. 

Want to GetintheLoop? Simply download the app, select the brands you like, and never pay full price again.

Pro-hockey player to entrepreneur.

Matt learned early on the value of having a solid work ethic. Growing up, Matt’s mom was, as he describes, a straight up ‘hustler’. She would juggle 3 jobs at a time to afford him the opportunity to play hockey. He never took for granted what her hard work provided.

“I always make sure I’m the one person that is working the hardest. I remember my mom getting me dressed and off to the rink at 4:30 am. Being an adult now and looking back, I can hardly get myself dressed at 6:00 am, let alone at 4:30 am. So you learn a lot about sacrifice and hard work.”

Matt’s own hard work also paid off. After college, he closed a pro-hockey contract on the East Coast. Later, he returned back to his native BC to launch his very first text-marketing start-up.

Apply theory in real life.

From day one of launching his business, Matt saw the potential for connecting with consumers through their phones. He enrolled in a Masters of Innovation program in the UK to help him capitalize on his business’ potential and expand it beyond golf.

“During the year I was doing my masters, we were actually building the software as well. Everything single thing that I was running through in school, I was applying every day to the company”.

That ability to apply what he learned ‘in practice’ proved to be invaluable. Matt applied everything that he learned to grow the business beyond golf and thus, GetintheLoop was born.

Be the best at what you do.

Earlier this year, GetintheLoop closed their largest round of funding and secured partnerships with media giants such as Bell Media and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group. While presently GetintheLoop offers high end deals and experiences throughout predominantly Western Canada, Matt’s next focus is to expand GetintheLoop across Canada and eventually the U.S.

“Being the best at what we do, with the great brands that we have in Canada is our main focus. Being really successful in Canada will be the springboard to launch into the states”.

Matt’s advice to future potential entrepreneurs?

“Just start. You are losing every day the minute you are not chasing what you want to do!”

To find out more about how you too can GetintheLoop, listen to the full interview above and/or head on over to our website

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

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