BCIC New Ventures Awards kick off Vancouver Startup Week

Gillian Shaw | The Vancouver Sun

A British Columbia startup that has created software to help agents around the world recruit international students took the top $100,000 prize in tech awards announced Monday.

Edvisor topped several companies that shared $300,000 in prizes in the BC Innovation Council New Ventures awards that kicked off Vancouver Startup Week.

Second prize of $55,000 went to Ziva Dynamics, a Vancouver software startup creating next-generation simulation tools used in everything from virtual reality in games to filmmaking and surgery simulation.

The $37,000 third prize went to ChangeHeroes, an online fundraising platform that has raised more than $1 million and funded 217 projects.

For Edvisor co-founder and CEO Nicolas Miller, the company grew from a realization he shared with co-founders Shelley Chen and John Kor that the process of recruiting international students was one that could benefit from technology.

“We all grew up studying in multiple countries,” Miller said. “The reason people study abroad is partly for the education, but a big part is the culture and learning how people around the world think.”

Edvisor’s software platform isn’t directed at students, but bridges communications among education agents around the world and the schools and educational institutes that serve the students they recruit.

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