BC unveils details of $100-million fund for flourishing tech sector

Kyle Peterson | The Examiner Post

A $100-million fund to boost B.C.’s tech sector was announced by Premier Christy Clark this morning.

Budding technology entrepreneurs are getting access to cash to fuel their startup companies as British Columbia launches a strategy aimed at creating jobs.

While the startup sector welcomed the funding news, observers are keenly hoping the rest of the B.C. plan will address other chronic issues facing the tech sector, including a shortage of programmers and immigration challenges faced by surging tech companies that have held up their efforts to recruit skilled foreign senior executives into their companies.

While the government has focused on building out a liquefied natural gas industry, the province’s at-times overlooked tech industry has flourished in recent years and now employs more than 86,000 people, more than B.C.’s forestry, mining and oil and gas sectors, combined.

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