BC Tech Summit: What Happened and What Inspired Our Team

With over 5,000 innovators in attendance, the BC Tech Summit proved just how unified the province’s entrepreneurs are.

The BC Tech Summit was filled with a palpable desire for innovators to connect and share their stories. This desire to connect and collaborate is what makes the province’s technology sector one of Canada’s most successful and enviable industries, providing a solid foundation for talent to harness startups and companies abound.

“I returned to B.C. after a career with projects in around 30 countries, because the energy, growth and opportunity in the B.C. tech sector drew me back,” said Gordon Shank, CEO, Gordon Shank Consulting.

The booming tech sector has created over $26 billion in revenue and $15 billion in GDP with 92,700 talented employees. This growth has been accelerated by the conception of the B.C. Tech Fund, a $100 million venture capital initiative launched by the Government of British Columbia.

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