B.C. Tech Sector Tops in Canada

It is an exciting time for B.C. as the province leads in economic growth, job creation and unemployment. It’s an even more exciting time for B.C.’s technology sector and for British Columbians who want to pursue careers in tech.

Vancouver has been named the top business ecosystem in Canada for tech start-ups – the number of tech jobs in B.C. are at an all-time high – and graduate seats and job training programs are expanding to ensure that aspiring professionals can fill these jobs.

There are approximately 106,000 direct tech jobs today, and projections suggest at least 16,000 more will be created over the next four years – at salaries 75% higher than the provincial average.

That said, companies, educators, industry associations and all levels of government need to work together to develop and expand B.C.’s talent pool to meet current and future demand.

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