Accelerating Tech Growth: Behind the scenes, agencies are sparking the rise of technology innovators

Jim Bentein | New Technology Magazine

The $6-million annual budget for B.C.’s program aimed at diversifying its economy away from a reliance on resource development is about equal to what it would cost to buy two or three houses in some of Vancouver’s trendier neighbourhoods.

But despite the small budget, the program has created a great deal more permanent jobs and economic activity than if the same amount of money had been spent on three fixer-uppers in West Vancouver.

“It [the B.C. program] has been very successful,” says Rob Bennett, chief executive officer of Victoria-based tech catalyst VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council), which is an initiative of the B.C. Acceleration Program (BCAP), a division of a program called the B.C. Innovation Council (BCIC).

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