Regional Innovation Opportunities

Matching industry challenges (needs) to BC solutions, showcasing regional innovations and opportunities!

In early 2017, the BC Innovation Council will be hosting a regional tour, the Regional Innovation Opportunities tour, in select cities throughout the province showcasing regional innovations and opportunities. This Regional Innovation Opportunities tour will be a platform for industry, government, and regional stakeholders to communicate and discuss their innovation challenges with BC researchers, companies and entrepreneurs.

Purpose: As part of BCIC’s Innovation Exchange™ the goal is to:

  • transferMatch industry, government, and regional challenges (needs) with home-grown solutions
  • Build relationships among BC innovators, industry, regional and government organizations
  • Support the growth of BC’s industry, companies and economy
  • Showcase regional innovations and opportunities
  • Advance provincial and national innovation priorities

Why attend:

  • BC Innovators – Share your idea/innovation, discover market opportunities!
  • Industry Organizations – Solve innovation challenges, explore the benefits of tech adoption!
  • Accelerators and Economic Organizations – Showcase and support your region!

 Locations & Dates – Click to Register Now:

Challenge Presentations to Include (but not limited to):

IBM, Ministry of Agriculture, BCSTATS,  Fortis, Climate Action Secretariat,  Streamline,  Other regional presenters.

Why sign up as a presenter at the Regional Innovation Opportunities road show:

Present a challenge to your region and have the opportunity to be showcased in the other 6  cities around the province.  Your challenge will also be available on our challenge website. This gives your company an opportunity to market your current work and “ask” for information, skill sets, technology innovations  that will help build your company and extend to new markets.  That way you are acquiring the all the elements to support growth, and at the same time draw awareness to your company and have people learn about the work.

How to define your company’s challenge – guideline to challenge composition.

Information required to define a challenge:
  1. What the company does (background industry and company info – a couple of slides)
  2. What the challenge (need) is that would make you more efficient/enter a new business area/grow your market
  3. How that need is envisioned – software, hardware, specific expertise, other innovations
  4. Suggested development/moving forward steps with possible solutions (eg. one on one meetings, LOI, proposal review, prototype/example development)
  5. How to respond – online outline of solution to need, Letter of Interest, proposal, contact info for more info.

Example of challenge below.

Sample Agenda of Regional Events:

Approximately 4-hours. Timeline:

  • Registration & Networking Opportunities
  • Stakeholder Introductions – BC Innovation Council and Regional Representatives
  • Presentations – Tour & Local Regional presentations
  • Question & Answer Session + Discussions
  • Networking Break
  • Presentations – Tour & Local Regional presentations
  • Question & Answer Session + Discussions
  • BC Innovation Council – How to learn more and get involved
  • Closing remarks and final networking

Note: Networking to include company showcase booths

Additional Details:

  • Regional events will be organized by the BC Innovation Council
  • Registration is free; invites with registration links will be circulated in the regions
  • BC Innovation Council will assist selected organizations in defining their challenges
  • Solutions can include a product, service, skill that positively impacts customers and/or markets

For more information contact

Visit the Innovation Opportunities page for the list of current participating companies.

Challenge Examples: 


For more information contact

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